14 May 2010

Movie Review: Must Love Dogs

I know.... its kinda late to write a review about this movie. I mean, according to Wikipedia, this was released on 2005. That means it was 5 years a go. But what can I say, I just saw this movie from dvd. And by the way, I got it from my best friend. She's a movie freak and she recommended it to me about a week a go. Saying that it was a good one. So I watched it.

Its about a kindie teacher, Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) who had a big family. The kind that always interfere with your life. Specially when you've been through a hard time such as a divorce. Each one of her family try to help her to have 'life' again. Carol (Sarah's sis) even made an ads on perferctmatch.com with the name 'voluptuous'.
After several unsuccessful date (from that ads) she finally met Jake (John Cusack), a newly divorced boat builder who also forced for dating by his friend. 

Its a simple sitcom movie. You can guess its plot. Sarah finally end up with Jake, but their way is not as smooth as baby's butt. There's time when everything seems went wrong. Sarah kinda fall for other charming guy named Bob. He's the father of one of her student, Austin, who recently separated. And Jake finally dating a dumb blond named Sherry.

Despite its easy to guess plot, for me this movie is good. I mean you can find this kinda thing in real life. Try to have your life a again after bad things. Not an easy one. It even scary sometimes, but yet worth to try. Specially when you have people who supported you all the way even with their silly,annoying and embarrassing idea.

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