17 May 2010

Midnight Note

It's already midnight but still can't sleep
So here I am, in front of my compie, try to write something while listening to various song from my winamp. I think it's long weekend syndrome.  I mean, for the past few days I always slept late (so late) and now when I should sleep early, my body won't cooperate at all *sigh*.
Hmm.. I wonder.. is it just because of above mentioned reason or maybe there's something else. Well.. I got to admit it, I'm not in the mood for working. Not because I hate Monday. Absolutely not. Its just.. lately I lost my spirit for working. There are so many thing happened lately (@ work) and most of them (maybe all of them) are unpleasant. And its kinda hard for not thinking about it. 

I just wish that I could do more.


  1. ayo semangat ...!
    kerja yang menumpuk kerapkali membunuh mood dan spirit, ya. Kita hanya butuh sedikit udara untuk mencuri 'rasa'. So, ikhlaskanlah, jangan terlalu dipikirkan.

    salam silaturahim, terima kasih sudah mampir, ya.

  2. Go have fun with some girlfriends after work this afternoon. You don't have to spend money on shopping, but you can sit and talk in a small cozy cafe and share stories with your close friends. It can help your mood back, I hope. Well, it works for me..

    Thanks for your kind visit anyway :)
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