16 Apr 2010

DC Olympic part 4: And We Made It!!


We finally made it!!!! All the four off us, finally complete this crochet task. Mami Yanti with her shawl, Mba Wawan with her doily, Mba Astika with her bolero and me, with my bag. 

What a great relief when we finally finished it within 2 weeks. You see, its not an easy thing working in a group like this. I mean, each one of us had our own activity like working and kids to take care of (expect me, not married yet). Other than than, its obvious that we got different character. For example, I'm the moody one. I can't crochet if not in a good mood, or I will stop crocheting if i think the color is not right (although i choose it myself). And if i keep that moody feeling, than it ruin the rest of the group. So like it or not... I have to let it go. Well.. at least during this game. Thanks GOD.. I got Mba Astika, i called her 'Cheerleader' since she's the one who always convince me that i can do this bag on time. From her, i learn to control my mood. At least to stay focus on doing this project even i'm not in a good mood for it.
She said:'we're the one who has to take control our mood, not the opposite'. Brilliant though, isn't it??? I'm such a lucky person being in the same group with them. So.. from the bottom of my heart, I thanked all of them for this marvelous experience.

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