8 Apr 2010

DC Olympic part 1

Hmm.. today i wanna share one of my activity related to my hobby. As you know, besides reading, I love crocheting. I even join a mailing list of crocheting -Dinamic Crochet aka. DC-, who got lots of activity in it. From learning, sharing, to charity program.

This month, we got DC Olympic, influenced by Olympic in Ravelry -if i'm not mistaken. We got 4 team and each team consist of 4 member. My team -Pelangi DC-, consist of Sis Yanti, Sis Wawan, Sis Astika and myself. We called our self as Pelangi DC (DC's Rainbow) because we are member of DC. Other than that i think that we all know that rainbow's shape is like half of circle and seems that it reach wide area. Just like our team, who came from different and far away place. I'm here in Jakarta, while MbYanti in Netherlands, Mb Wawan from Pontianak (West Borneo) and Mb Astika from Rantau Prapat (North Sumatra). So far away from each other right?! But yet, now we're togerther in this team and try to work as a team for this game despite than even we could only meet each other trough net. So far... we could manage this distance issue and we even win the 1st round game (THANKS AND SALUTE for Mrs. Ida who helped us). I'll write the story later. Now, we're on 2nd game and let the fun begin...
Hmm.. let see how this game would end ^_^

 CHAYO Sis!!!!!

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