15 Apr 2010

DC Olympic part 3: Another Additional Game

Hiiii!!! back again with me and DC Olympic story. After finished with 1st additional game, it turns out that there's another additional game. The different is that now, we have to find a partner to crochet a shawl. Mb Thata, as the organizer, already give us 2 basic stitches pattern, and our partner got to crochet that shawl from it. It would be better if we can combine those to stitches.

And this time, we didn't publish it to mailing list, but we sent it to Mba Thata. She gave us a week to finished it. Gosh... here we again .. search and search again for partner. Thanks GOD it was easier this time. Our chief in command aka Mami Yanti already found someone (can't tell u right now, coz the game isn't over yet). We already submit our shawl (Thanks to sis X for her amazing speed and creation). 
So now.. just wait n see ...

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