14 Apr 2010

DC Olympic part 2: Additional Game

Still remember my previous post right, about DC Olympic?? Well.. we got additional game during the Olympic itself. The game was to find a partner for our team (among members who's not part of this Olympic) and ask her help to crochet a doily. Mba Thata, as this Olympic organizer, will sent the pattern to each team leader.

Its kinda hard to find a partner. I mean, most of the member is joining this game, and the rest, well some of them were busy. So we, tried to pick one name up from member who's been active lately. And we choose Mrs. Ida. Not only because she's active in our mailing list, but also because we already seen all of her work, specially in doilies. 

After deciding the 'target', Mami Yanti asked me to ask Mrs. Ida help for this additional game. So I emailed her right away, report it to mami Yanti and wait. The next day, we wait for her to reply. But no reply at all. So frustrating!! So i had a chat with mami Yanti, and we decided to call Mrs. Ida. Honestly.. its kinda scary for me. I mean, i never met her in person, plus.. never joking  around with her in mailing list.

1st ring.. 2nd ring... till the time's up, still no answer. Try to reach her mobile to, but still no answer. Finally I decided to text her. Wait and wait again. Almost giving up when she finally pm-ing me on ym. Then we chat. And yet... we still have to wait coz like we already predicted, we're not the only group who asked for Mrs. Ida's help. 
And it felt sooooooooo damn relieved when finally she chose us. And it's beyond our group's expectation when we finally win the price. Deepest thanks to Mrs. Ida with her unbelievable speedin crocheting this beautiful Janie Herrin's Monday Doily.

Soo beautiful right?!?!?!?

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