15 Jul 2010

Dobutsu Uranai

Iseng-iseng blogwalking ke blog-blognya ABG, lucu-lucu deh *emang klo bukan ABG ga lucu gitu??*. Kebanyakan soal sekolah n pacar. Even soal pacar, yang jelas beda lah ma salahnay sama kita-kita *elu kali, apa gw?* yang dah kuliah or kerja. Klo ga percaya.. coba deh maen ke blog-blog mereka. Mana seru pula tampilan blognya. Asli full color, full gambar (entah gambar-gambar lucu or yang rada gothic).

Nah disalah satu blog itu *maap ya, dah ke klos blognya* ada yang nulis soal si DOBUTSU URANAI ini. Sumpah deh, tadinya Nda pikir ini soal manga or komik gitu deh. Ternyata eh ternyata... ini macam ramalan gitu deh. Tapi lebih ke karakter. Penjelasannya gini nihh... ups bahasanya in englis ya.. jadi terjemahkanlah sendiri :-p


This is an official site of DOUBUTSU URANAI for you to enjoy the life at Noracom DOUBUTSU URANAI PREMIUM.
It is often difficult to understand other people's true personality at first site. It's not that easy even if you know the person well.
It is in a situation like these that you can make use of the DOUBUTSU URANAI.
DOUBUTSU URANAI uses the date of birth, based on the Four Pillars of Destiny, that breaks down the human characteristics into 12 different kinds of animals.

Udah paham dunk sekarang. Yahh klo ga bisa nerjemahinnya, minta tolong sapa lah gitu. Nda malas nii. Maap ya..
So.. mubazir bin sayang dunk klo ga dicoba. Jadilah Nda coba masukin nama n tanggal lahir lengkap dengan bulan dan tahunnya. 

Hasilnya adalah......Eng ing eng.....

You are Red Sheep who remains like a young girl with pure and innocent heart.
You do not forget consideration for others, and tries to be kind without putting any pressure to the other person.
You tend to be very dependent on people around you, and therefore are able to adapt to new environment quite easily.
Nevertheless, you will experience many ups and downs in your life.
You are not a weak type; you can show perseverance and aggressiveness.
You tend to be stubborn, and not easily show your real feelings.
You also tend to be calculative, and are sensitive to profit and loss.
You can make shrewd decisions concerning money.
When you don't get your way, you can be sultry and feel sorry for yourself.
You have lots of friends and are a very sociable person.
However you tend to feel lonely easily and lack independence.
You can show great talent through learning from your own experience in the society, rather than from school education.
You will be able to follow a successful life by first taking an assistant kind of job, and then later starting your own business.
After getting married, you will be able to run your house extremely well.
You may become too obsessed with your children's education.
Your type of people tends to choose either being a housewife or your career.

Gitu tuh hasilnya. Bener apa engga?? Well.. ga semuanya bener, tapi juga ga smuanya salah.Fifty-fifty deh. But anyway.. its kinda fun. And just for FUN only. Ga mau dimasukin dalem hati. Apalagi yang kurang bener or kurang ok. Takut nti malah jadi sugesti. Heheheheh.

Ups.. hampir lupa. Ada ulasan tentang karakter dasar si SHEEP nih.


Characteristics & Personality

1. Sheep are part of the flock and don't like to be alone

2. Sheep are always coolheaded and objective

3. Sheep love to be asked for advice

4. Sheep don't like people who make waves

5. Sheep are adept at making connections and gathering information
6. Sheep keep appointments and expect the same of others

7. Sheep can be inflexible and stubborn

8. Sheep hide their true selves

9. Sheep want to complain and grumble

10. Sheep live for the greater good

Penasaran?? Coba gih ^_~

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