29 Jun 2009

Ahh.. sometimes I wish I can blame all misery, all my pain to others. Or maybe, I can those who make my life so bad, so i feel like loosing myself, my faith, my confidence.

But I can't.

I can't blame others for my unhappiness. Somehow, I believe that the only one to blame is myself and not others. Somehow, I realize that I'm the one who responsible of my own life. Maybe there're some people involved in my life, but like a movie, they just an extra. If they make me sad, maybe that was their job from GOD. To make me learn about pain. If someone left me, maybe GOD sent them to make me values people around me.

It's hard, but I believe that its something that I have to going through, to be a better person. And I wish I really learn my lesson.

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