1 Jan 2009

Me and 1st day of 2009

This is the 1st day of a brand new year. Yup. Today is January 1st 2009. And what am I doing today??

Hmmm.. nothing much. Just spending most of my time for sleeping, bit crocheting and netting (what the hell is netting?!). Nothing serious right??

Anyway.... today I'm also spending some of my time to have conversation with myself. Kinda weird ha?! but that's the way it is. For several days I was in denial mode. Denying that someone I care, already didn't give a damn of me. I convince myself that she still care about me. I mean, she's like a sister for me. But just like what they say, You can't always get what you want in life. Just like me. I have to accept that she, no longer feel comfort with me. Besides, who does?? I'm a stubborn and so outspoken gal. It's already in my blood -since I carried 2 gen outspoken tribes-

So.. my dearest sister, now, I can understand if you took a step backward from my side. If that can make you happy, that do it. I wont blame you. I wont bother or disturb you. I'll always wish GOD will send all the best for you.


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