22 Dec 2008

Kevin: Belenggu Masa Lalu (Murphy's Boy)

Sore tadi Nda baru aja selesai baca buku ini. Buku yang dibeliin si Kakak waktu Nda berkunjung ke rumahnya bulan Oktober lalu.

I always like Torey Hayden's book. Don't really know why. Maybe b'cause of I like phisicology. Or maybe b'cause it's always based on her own experiences. Or maybe b'cause of both reason. The point is I always like it.

This book is about Torey's patient, Kevin. Not like usual, this time Torey had a teenager as her patient (usually she handles kids). Kevin, or called as zoo boy coz he always hide himself under the table and surrounded himself with with a cage of chairs. He never talk and afraid with almost everything. Such as water, changing his clothes, shower, etc.

Step by step, one of the time, Torey helped him. Eventually, he talked. But that's not the only problems. It turned out Kevin got phisical abuse from his step dad. A kind of memories that will last forever.

It took almost 2 years before Kevin lifed 'normally'. Years full of anger, tears, hard working. And up side down moment. Just like when u're in a roller coaster.

From this book, I learn about love, trust, hard working and many other good values. I learn about it doesn't matter hows the end will be. The important thing is how u deal with the process. Further more, use all what u have in the process. Try to see not only with eyes, but with heart. Try to listen, not only hear.

Coz we can heal others if we really mean it.

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