27 Oct 2008

My New (Gift) Book

Last Sunday was one of Great Weekend I ever had in my life. First, finally I can visit one of person who had a special place in my heart n mind.

She's my beloved best friend, whom I considered as my Big Sister (since I never have any Big Bro or Sis in me entire life). She's the one of two persons who knows me well. I can be the real me, in font of her.

So, last Sunday, she brought me to the biggest mall in her home town. There, we went to movie, and while waiting for the movie, she brought me to Gramedia Book Store. See.. she really knows that book is one of things that can bright my day. I'm so simple, right???

I choose a book that I like. Actually, it's not a new book. It's been published for few years, but when ever I want to buy it, suddenly I just change my mind and bought another book. Silly me. So after some failure, I finally bought this book.

It's Torey Hayden book. You see, she's one of my fav writer. Thing which I like from her is b'cause it was based on true story. On her true experienced in handling kids with special needs, like autism. I really excited in reading things like this. Maybe b'cause I like kids, or maybe coz I really like to know about human behaviour. I don't know. The point is I like these kind of book a lot.

This book is not the only book that I get. I also get this book. The 3rd book of Andrea Hirata's Tetralogy. 'Edensor'. Well.. actually, I don't have the 2nd one, but I've red it months ago. So I think, its better if I buy the one which I haven't read. It's more efficient :D

What makes it more pleasant and touchy is that my sister insist that she's the one who's paying for those book. Even though I already told her that I'll pay for myself, but she's not allowing me to. She's so kind, isn't she????

I really love her a lot. Not because she bought me those books. No. Not at all. I love her just for kindness to others, for her dedication to her job, for her respect toward others and so many more. I really love her just the way she is.

My dearest sis.. Thank you so much for every thing. You'll never realize how much it means to me ^_^


  1. Semoga perjalanan singkat itu bisa berkesan ya maaf kalo udah banyak ngerepotin adek ya soal urusan2 kakak itu, ditunggu lagi kedatangannya di Pontianak, janji deh keadaannya bakalan lebih mengenakan dan kita lupakan sejenak semua pekerjaan kita, OK

  2. waww
    how lucky r u sist
    the 1st seems like a good to read

    i like EDENSOR
    i though a lot of our life

    salam kenal kak


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