30 Oct 2008

The End

Have you ever heard what people said about Good people who had short life coz GOD want to protect them from doing something bad? Maybe not exactly like that, but something like that.

After having so many unpleasant, sad, confusing and strange situation for these past few years, -FYI most of that blue moment happened in the same time- I have a thought, hmm.. maybe if I be a better person, well forget about better, if I be the best , the most nice person, the most humble creature that I can be, into my highest limit, maybe my dearest GOD, my dearest ALLAH will have mercy on me, and shorten my time here on earth and put 'THE END" sign on my life.

So I don't have to worry again about anything, about everything.

Could I?

Should I?

But is that what I really want???


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